Solid Cuban Chains
Solid Cuban Chains
Solid Cuban Chains
Solid Cuban Chains
Solid Cuban Chains
Solid Cuban Chains

Solid Cuban Chains

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Gold Type

Experience luxury with our Solid Cuban Chain. Expertly crafted in 14K gold, this chain provides a substantial feel that communicates its quality and value.

While the cost of our Solid Cuban Chain reflects the premium quality of solid gold used in its construction, this investment is underscored by gold's enduring value. As gold prices continue to rise, owning a Solid Cuban Chain not only enriches your style but also holds potential future value.

Available in a variety of lengths and thicknesses, our Solid Cuban Chain caters to diverse styles and preferences. Trust in the quality of our craftsmanship, and elevate your look with a piece that exudes sophistication and strength.

MM Size Inches Gram Weight Price
3MM 18" 16 grams $999
3MM 20" 17 grams $1199
3MM 22" 19 grams $1299
3MM 24" 21 grams $1449
3MM 26" 22.5 grams $1549
4MM 18" 23 grams $1499
4MM 20" 25.3 grams $1699
4MM 22" 28 grams $1899
4MM 24" 30.5 grams $2099
4MM 26" 33 grams $2299
5MM 18" 36.5 grams $2599
5MM 20" 41 grams $2799
5MM 22" 45 grams $2999
5MM 24" 49 grams $3199
5MM 26" 53 grams $3499
6MM 18" 50.3 grams $3399
6MM 20" 56 grams $3599
6MM 22" 61.5 grams $3999
6MM 24" 67 grams $4299
6MM 26" 72.5 grams $4699
7MM 18" 69 grams $4499
7MM 20" 77 grams $4999
7MM 22" 84.5 grams $5499
7MM 24" 92 grams $5999
7MM 26" 100 grams $6499
8MM 18" 90.5 grams $5899
8MM 20" 100.5 grams $6499
8MM 22" 110.5 grams $7199
8MM 24" 120.5 grams $7799
8MM 26" 130.5 grams $8499
9MM 18" 112 grams $6799
9MM 20" 125 grams $7499
9MM 22" 137 grams $8199
9MM 24" 149.5 grams $8899
9MM 26" 162 grams $9599


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